I'm very proud to have been a member of the elite Wattie Ink triathlon team from 2013-2016. The Wattie Ink team is comprised of triathletes of all abilities across the United States.  We are bonded by a passion for multisport and serving as lifestyle ambassadors in the triathlon community at large.  Wattie Ink is sponsored by some of the most tried and true brands in multisport.  I am now riding with an ISM saddle (Prologue) and swimming in a sleek BlueSeventy Helix wetsuit.  I regularly consume Herbalife nutrition products in training and racing as well. I've used a Speedfil hydration system on my last TT bike and it was terrific. Below is a partial list of Wattie Ink team sponsors.

I'm currently coached by Dusty Nabor and Brian Stover at Accelerate3. I highly recommend both coaches for their extensive knowledge about multisport training and racing, along with a common sense approach to maintaining balance in training and life. Brian led me to a near-PR Ironman finish in only four months of working together. I can't wait to continue the journey with Dusty this season and beyond.