I'm an adventure-seeker who tends to push myself pretty hard in all facets of my life.  Which is why I first set out to complete arguably one of the most challenging feats in all of sports, the Ironman!  After blogging about it for almost a year, I completed Ironman Arizona on November 21, 2010.  I then went on to finish my second Ironman seven months later (Coeur d'Alene, June 2011) and completed Ironman St. George in May 2012.  Now, nine Ironmans and one Boston Marathon-time qualifying marathon later, I'm blogging just for the fun of writing about my love affair with the sport of triathlon.

Ultimately, my goal is to present this blog as a gift to my children (my first was born in June 2015).  I hope it becomes a manifesto for setting huge goals and pursuing them passionately.

I'm proud to have been a member of the Wattie Ink Elite triathlon team from 2013-2015.