Ship It, Dammit!

It's been almost five years...time for a new website design!

It's been almost five years...time for a new website design!

Publishing a new blog site, in some ways, is like preparing for a major race.  You map out your goals. You may hire someone to help you realize your vision.  You encounter numerous obstacles, some more serious than others. As your launch date approaches, the changes you make get smaller and smaller. Until finally, there's just one thing left to do...hit the LAUNCH button and hope for the best.

One big difference though is that when it's your own personal project and there's no countdown clock involved, intentions evaporate into wishes and vague promises that sound like, "Yeah, I should get to that." You ignore enough of those in triathlon training and when race day does show up...well, you know what happens.

I've procrastinated reformatting my blog site for way too long. As in the better part of 2014.  And I stopped blogging daily a long time ago. Too much work, too much training, too many new opportunities with Lava and All excuses. Good and valid ones, in fact. But excuses nonetheless.

If you want something bad enough, you don't need a deadline to motivate you. 

Welcome to the revamped A place where I hope to include new content on a daily basis, even if it's me asking for YOUR submissions to make this site even better.

More to come!