Another Day, Another Pro to Meet

Another day, another pro to meet.

Tonight, I had a chance to meet Mark Cavendish, he of the four stage wins in last year's Tour de France and winner of the first stage of this year's Amgen Tour of California.  He was signing copies of his new book, Boy Racer, at Helen's Cycles. That's where I bought my Cervelo P2 about three weeks ago.

It's funny that about a year ago I probably wouldn't have known who Chris Lieto or Mark Cavendish were.  Or half of the things I know now about Team Saxo Bank, Rabobank, Liquigas (does anyone else find it ironic that the proper pronunciation for Liquigas is leaky gas?), Radio Shack, Garmin-Slipstream, HTC-Columbia and of course my team of choice -- Cervelo Test Team.

Cycling, more so than swimming and running, has a way of sweeping me up in its own wave of hysteria and excitement.  Next thing I know, I'm howling and hooting and hollerin' up  a storm as a peloton of cyclists blasts past me at the Tour of California.

Man, I'm addicted to this sport!


Today was rather uneventful on the training front.  I had to work from home because the fire inspector came to check fire alarms in every single condo.  This meant a fire alarm going off every five minutes for about three hours. I felt like I was in my freshman year college dorm.  Not a memory I want to relive.  Especially the headache that followed.  Yuck.

One upside of my home stay was using my lunch time to arrange and display all my race bibs in my office.  That's something I've wanted to do for a while now.  Turns out I've participated in 19 total races since about 2008.  Not too shabby!  In looking at the finish times written on each bib, I can see the progress I'm making, and sometimes the dips.  But, I remind myself that each course is different, weather conditions are different, nutrition is different, sleep is different. You really can't compare too closely since there are so many variables.

Since I stayed at home, I had to skip what would have been another intense weights session, which will now have to wait until either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm also planning a trip with Stephanie to visit a wedding venue location in Scottsdale this weekend.  Which means I'll get to bike and run part of the Ironman Arizona course.  Now if I can only figure out where to start and stop.  Help, if anyone reading this knows for sure.  Coach Gerardo told me it's near Mill Avenue and  a street that starts with Rio but I can't remember the second part.  I'll figure it out.

Guess that's about it for now!  Wish I had more to report, but then again, a quiet night at home is a welcome relief too.

177 days and counting.