Bailed Out

On some days, training takes a back seat. This was one of those days, for a variety of reasons.

I fulfilled my civic commitment on jury duty. Which almost turned into a full trial, but thankfully I was the last prospective juror cut. Apparently, my strong ties to Simi Valley and the law enforcement community there was enough to keep the defense team feeling a little skittish about my ability to remain impartial during police testimony. (I'm sure the prosecution loved me though!) In the end, fate was on my side for being able to keep my vacation schedule intact. The trial didn't conclude until 4:30 p.m. though, so instead of heading home early to catch Thursday night football (go Colts!), I punched the timeclock at the gym. Upper-body weightlifting, followed by an hour on the trainer in heart-rate zones 2-3.
Man, that trainer sure can be hard! I fixed the rubber shaving issue by maintaining a tighter grip between the wheel and the trainer (thanks Dad!). But the resistance on the bike was even greater, so what was supposed to be a big-chain ride was small chain all the way. I still maintained an average HR of 144 during the course of the hour, staying in zone 3 for most of the last 15-20 minutes. And I was literally dripping all over in sweat. Tank top soaked all the way through, complete with a nice puddle under the bike. Yuck, but the best evidence possible of a great workout.
And now, I eat. And then, I shower. And then, I run off to a holiday party. All within 45 minutes.
No time yet to bail out, cool down and rest up. Onward!
Overall, I completed every workout but one this week, so I'm happy. And with the holiday season in full swing, complete with jury duty thrown in, that ain't too bad.
Tomorrow is a rest day. That means more holiday shopping and gift-wrapping (which I'm terrible at). So, instead of battling the trainer, the gym, the pool, or the mountains, I'll be battling fellow chippy and chipper shoppers.
Not sure which is more challenging!
341 days and counting.