Breaking the Rules

Funny that training three hours on a Saturday feels like taking the day off.  But that's just what I did today, forgoing my afternoon time trial swim to spend time with Steph.  We went to a nice lunch and then to see No Strings Attached, the rom-com with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.   Ironic that just yesterday I was writing about rom-coms. There's a lot to be said about recovery from training.  It usually involves icing, stretching and minimal movement.  But today it was all about spending quality time with my lady.  I had truly forgotten what it's like to have free time in the afternoon on a weekend during tri-training.  How sad is that?  Saturdays are for training. Plain and simple.  But by breaking the "rules" a bit, I feel so much better.  I had a great afternoon filled with R&R after a hectic week on the road.  And now, I'm eager to get in the pool tomorrow and run before prepping for a little Super Bowl soiree.  Best of both worlds.  Especially considering how exhausted I would have been after swimming and how little energy I probably would have had for the evening.

A little unplanned rest can go a long way sometimes.

136 days and counting.