June Lake Triathlon Race Report

I had no idea what to expect driving to the Sierra Nevada range for the June Lake triathlon.  Expectations got me in trouble for Ironman 70.3 Boise.  I've since learned that when coming back from an injury of any type, expectations are fairly meaningless.  Data can tell you one thing -- or maybe what you want it to tell you, but unless you're racing exactly where you train in the same weather conditions, anything is possible.  Expectations just cloud the truth, which is this: Your body and mind are either ready to race...or they're not. I made a decision after Boise to stop worrying about how I'd race and just focus on the training.  Focus on one workout at a time, that is. The upside of that is that every day brings a new chance for growth and improvement.  The downside is that you can forget to see the metaphorical forest while you're lost amidst the trees. In this case, the very large pine trees near the Nevada border up at 8,000 feet.

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