Oh Carolina...

I'm feeling guilty.

Two days without real training.
Two days of decadent holiday cooking, complete with multiple pieces of homemade pumpkin pie and homemade ice cream. (How can anyone say no to that?!)
Yesterday was my off day, which was hard to maintain considering I was flying today to Raleigh-Durham, NC for a few days of meetings. So I got some push-ups and ab work in but that was about it. Today, I unintentionally got some exercise in because I literally was the last guy on the plane from Burbank to Phoenix this morning on the 6:50 a.m. flight. This is the second time I've cut my flight so close in two weeks...I need to give myself more time to arrive at the airport! Anyway, I sprinted the length of Terminal A with my transition bag doubling as a duffle bag and my laptop and toiletries case under my arm like a football. Thank goodness I'm in good shape...as the doors were closing just as I arrived to the ticket counter. With a little sweet talking and swallowing of pride (admitting I was late for no good reason), I made it onto my regularly scheduled flights.
Speaking of Phoenix, I went to college in Tucson at the University of Arizona. Normally, I love visiting Arizona but this time it was different, even for a 20-minute layover. As the plane descended into Sky Harbor Airport, I realized the next time I may see the Tempe/Phoenix skyline would be a year from now for Ironman Arizona. That thought really humbled me...I was flying into the mouth of the dragon, so to speak. And I felt just a little intimidated even though I have been to the city many times over the years. But not like this, not with this goal in front of me. Will I be ready in a year for this massive trial? The clock is ticking...and I'm not training today and I didn't really train yesterday either.
After a fantastic meal at The Landing in Chapel Hill (ordered the chicken in special xo sauce with pork and shrimp rice), I'm now at the Doubletree Hotel in Durham, NC (pictured), where it's 48 degrees and raining. I miss SoCal already, though the warm chocolate chip cookie waiting for me upon check-in temporarily made it all better (I'm a sucker for chocolate chip cookies, great for training). Fortunately, there's a small pool here and a treadmill, so tomorrow morning I'm waking up early to get a workout in before meetings begin at 9. I can't wait. Every day I don't train feels like added minutes to my final Ironman time...or like I'm chipping away the percentages for even finishing the race.
Am I the only one who gets this neurotic about training?
According to Gerrardo's training calendar schedule, I'm supposed to run for 45 minutes tomorrow at Zone 1 HR. I'm not even sure where Zone 1 ends and Zone 2 starts! Well, I guess I'll figure it out. I'm going to guess I should keep my HR below 120.
Going to bed now.
357 days and counting.
PS: If you're going to be at the NC-Michigan State game tomorrow night, let me now via @theironmadman. I scored two tickets thanks to my amazing work colleagues!