Computrainer Purchase

It's been a busy off-season already for me.  Though the phrase itself is a bit of an anomaly to me.  It seems like all my friends are training for some kind of event, and I hate feeling left out of the fun.  So back in the pool I go, back on the bike I ride.  I've even tentatively planned my 2012 training schedule. Part of that plan included buying a Computrainer. I can't wait to start using it!  My goal is to ride on it twice a week in the coming months, though I'll be reviewing a software upgrade package for Lava Magazine online in the coming weeks.  I bought the Computrainer -- along with the Ironman Canada video course -- to save time during my training and to increase my power on the bike.  My goal is to crush 12 hours at my next Ironman, which may be Ironman Canada next August.

I know I'm supposed to be taking time off but I'm excited to stay in shape and plan for the future.

I'm also excited to share that I applied for a trademark today on what appears to be a popular phrase from one of my recent blog posts: "I may not be a runner, but I'm a runner today."  The actually quote was "I may not be cut out to be a runner, but I'm a runner today."  But I think the former will fit better on a T-shirt.  I'm going to work with an artist to design something cool and then I'll share it here on the blog site.  I'll sell it for a small fee and will donate 50% of the proceeds to my friend Rusty's triathlon team dedicated to fighting cancer, Season 1 Racing. I'm very excited to help motivate like-minded people and support a truly worthy cause.  More to come soon!