I woke up at 5 to drive to Santa Barbara and train for the morning.  Fortius and LA Tri Club members rode at least 50 miles in preparation for the Santa Barbara Triathlon in a couple weeks. Some of us, including myself, ran five miles immediately after.  Others ran 10. The day, as usual, has been non-stop since.  And now, at 11:15 p.m., it is finally ending after sobbing my way through Toy Story 3 with Stephanie.

Pixar, you did it to me again.

I'm toast now.  Crispy.  Deep fried.  DONE.

Tomorrow, I'll write much more in-depth about the Santa Barbara Triathlon course, as well as what will likely be a grueling but fun workout with my Fortius teammate and friend, Christina.  We're going to climb darned near every hill in Malibu over the course of four hours.  I hope to keep up with the Queen of the Mountains!

Now it's time to refuel on rest.  More later.

105 days and counting.