Enough's Enough

First off, in case you haven't read it yet, here's my latest column for Lava Magazine Online.  This one's on self-coaching, which I'm sure some of you can relate to.  It's a common theme here for me on the blog, though I don't consider myself to be self-coached.  I consider myself to be a solo trainer quite often though.  Let me know what you think! http://bit.ly/dZ5H8o On to today.  From sun-up to well past sundown, I worked. Non-stop. It took a lot of willpower just to fit in a 45 minute recovery run starting around 7 p.m., but I got through it on the treadmill -- thanks to ESPN college hoops.  I was supposed to lift or practice yoga, but enough's enough today.  I'll have to save that for another time.  Some nights I realize that with one tush, I can't dance at everyone's ball.  Simple as that.

Not much more to say about today.  I'm really tired.  I've got wedding stuff to tackle (honeymoon work and wedding insurance research).  The night is not over yet.

But this blog post is.  More work to do.

106 days and counting.