Flipping Through Memories

Perhaps you've noticed, but my friend and web developer Ward has been adding features to the blog site.  Popular posts,  recommended stories, "Like" on Facebook, and more is on the way. Soon, you'll see my 2010 race results and a 2011 race calendar (it's a small calendar this year!).  Before I could send everything off to Ward at Drawbackwards, I had to search for all my race results last year, along with  my race reports from each race.  I was reminded how great it is to have a blog, where I can just reach back into the vault and relive memories from races that seem to come and go so quickly.  The race ends, but the words live on.  And the emotions come rushing back.

I know some of you have mentioned that you're either just starting to blog now or are about to begin.  I think the archive of blog posts about your training and racing becomes the real trophies, the truest symbols of accomplishment.  The hardware gets put away in a closet, or maybe hung on a wall.  But lots of people get hardware.  Your story is your own.  What better gift to give yourself?

If you haven't done so lately, go back and check out an old race report.  See where you're at today versus then.  How have you evolved as a triathlete?

158 days and counting.