Free Time

It's Monday night.  I'm watching football on the couch.  I'm not packing a training bag for tomorrow.  No water bottles to prep.  No quick load of laundry to toss in the wash. Just relaxing.

Yep, we're fully immersed in the taper period.  And I'm quite enjoying it.

I wish I had more to report today, but I didn't train.  And I didn't miss it one bit.  Not while seeing reports from Bob that he was fighting 15 mph winds in Santa Clarita on a "recovery" bike ride. No thanks.

I suppose today really was just one those quiet days that you simply cross off on the calendar, inching one step closer to November 21.  We're inside of two weeks now.  It seems that every day the excitement grows just a bit more.  More people at work ask me how I'm feeling.  More friends check in to see how the training is going.

The time has come.

13 days and counting.