Getting Back to Good

It's been 10 days since I last felt "normal." (Note: Some reading this blog would debate my definition of "normal.")

But I'm getting there.  Today was the first day I started to walk with moderate to little pain whether from illness or the LA marathon.  My legs are still sore, don't get me wrong.  But it's not accompanied by stiff shoulders and an achey neck.  My throat is noticeably tender but not raw.  My feet don't feel swollen or broken, though I owe our company massage therapist, Abby, for that.  Just 30 minutes with her this afternoon made me feel exponentially better.

And I'm getting caught up at work too.  My inbox is close to empty and workflow is back on track.  The past few days I've felt discombobulated in the office.  Like I was operating in a fog while trying to get better from the cold, prepare for the marathon, and catch up from the video games conference.  Finally, I can see some daylight.

And it looks good!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my time off from training this week.  I'm eating whatever I want (today that meant BBQ ribs for lunch), catching up on sleep (9-10 hours a night), spending quality time with Stephanie (even though she's sicker than I am right now) and generally starting to unwind a bit.

In other words, I'm getting back to good.

I'm hopeful this will help and not hurt my training in the long-term.

Time will tell.  I'm getting excited for Monday, but am glad it's still a few days away.

244 days and counting.