Gone With Z Wind?

To Z-Pack or not to Z-pack, that is the question. It's been roughly a week since I got sick and I'm really starting to see signs of improvement.  For instance, I ran a fairly easy 9.25 miles in just under 1.5 hours this morning, the first 20 minutes at an especially mild pace with Stephanie.  While I continued to cough junk up, it wasn't as frequent even as yesterday.  Same went for my third pool workout in as many days.  This time I had a strong 3,100 yard swim filled with 300s at descending T-pace times.  If only I had felt as good at Wildflower in the water as I did today!  I even clocked a 5:03 300, which is pretty solid for me.

I survived my first real double workout day since before the Half-Ironman.  No pain, no aches, no real feelings of illness.

However, tonight at my sister's condo I made the mistake of coughing and my parents freaked.  They think I absolutely need to crush what's left in my system with a Z-pack -- the medical congestion equivalent of an antibiotic nuke.  My doctor originally told me that a Z-Pack should only be used if I wasn't seeing improvement.  However, I've clearly been getting better day by day.  My folks (and Stephanie) think that I could suffer a setback given I'm back to pushing myself on training.

Not sure whom to listen to here.  I can't afford to miss more workouts, but am I compromising my body's own ability to heal naturally with unnecessary drugs?  I just don't know.

I'll sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow.

49 days and counting.