Highs and Lows

I gave into the Z-Pack. (Thank you, Laura.)  Overnight, the Roto-Rooter Fairy must have visited my room and sucked all the mucus from my lungs. Ahhhhhhhhh!

OK, well not all of it, but enough to notice I barely coughed anything up today.  AND I ran a fairly inspired 6 miles of rolling terrain in 55 minutes, complete with walk/jog warmup and interval recoveries.  Not too shabby,especially given the somewhat sore and road-rashed hip from yesterday's bike spill.

Honestly, I've barely felt the stings and scratches today -- though I'm sure that will change in the pool shortly.  Maybe I'm enjoying a bit of a training resurgence at the moment.  That's partially because I spent 40 minutes with Coach Gerardo last night at his place, talking about where I'm at in my training, letting the Wildflower Bonk Run fade from memory and focusing on the last six-to-seven weeks of intense IM CDA training.

Maybe it's the meds, but I feel a little reborn.

That's the life of a triathlete.  It's just like a run in hilly terrain.  Up-down-up-down-up-down, and up-down-up-down some more.  Some days are better than others, just like in life.  One day the confidence level is up, the next day I can't run a decent mile no matter how hard I try.  But for some reason, the drama of it all, the tension of the goal and the struggle to achieve it, magnifies the highs and lows of everyday training.

I realize that keeping everything in check mentally means focusing on a level viewpoint but that's just now how I like to ... ahem... roll.  I want to soak in the highs and dwell in the lows just so I can understand them better.  The middle ground is like purgatory, endless brown, drab flats in a race, and it doesn't excite me that much.

That said, it's nice to be back on a high today, if only briefly.  Last week was one long low!  Too long.  We're climbing again, the way I like it.

47 days and counting.