Hungry. Tired. Sore.

I must confess I'm only two out of those three.  After riding 101 miles and running three, I have a right to.  On top of that, I stood in a f%^$&* line for two hours waiting for food that never came at the Outdoor Cinema Food Festival in West Los Angeles tonight. As you can imagine, that didn't leave me in the best mood.  My body works overtime to deliver probably my best cycling outing to date and I reward myself with two hot dogs and (eventually) two slices of pizza for dinner.  Awesome.

Actually, the concept for the Outdoor Cinema Fest is fantastic.  Food trucks, summer, classic films, and music. The concept was so fantastic that people showed up in droves, literally eating the trucks out of all their wares.

Fortunately, a late night stop at D'Amores Pizza prevented me from going full on apeshit.

I'll describe the Cool Creeze Century in greater detail tomorrow.  But for now, I'll say this.  Last year, it took me 6:48 to complete the Ventura to Santa Barbara course.  This year, though the course was slightly different, I was 1:05 faster.  Seriously, I was an hour faster in one year's time.  Yes, I now have a triathlon bike and had the benefit of riding in aero for a good number of the miles.  But still, an hour faster?  while still being able to run after and having enough gas on the final 10 miles to stay well over 21 mph?  Didn't see that coming!

The Cool Breeze Century almost felt like last week's 72 mile bike ride.

More tomorrow though.  For now, I need sleep. Bad.

91 days and counting.