I Want My Routine Back!

Most people would love to be in San Francisco on a beautiful day for a convention.  Especially a video games convention. Not me, to be honest.  Not after nearly 15 years of conventions and conferences spanning the automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment and video games industries.

I love the video games industry, don't get me wrong.  I really do!  I'm truly passionate about the creativity and innovation within the space, but most of all I love the energy associated with a group of young people changing daily how the world perceives this electric, eclectic art form (yes, it's an art).  I participated in a panel discussion addressing some of these points and many others today during the convention itself.

So while I love the video games industry, I've arrived at a place in life where I love my lady, sleep, nutrition and exercise even more.  My routine.  And conventions aren't exactly conducive to a healthy routine.  Or at least my slightly obsessive routine during the past several months.  Fortunately, today was an off-day in my training cycle so it was easier to have a "normal" convention day filled with mediocre food, loud noise, standing on my feet all day and partying later than normal.  The convention routine, in other words.  Tomorrow, it's back to the training grind.  I'll try to cram in an hour time-trial run along with an hour of yoga while trying to catch a flight home and wrapping up morning sessions at the conference.  Not exactly sure where I'm going to find the time to fit everything in but it's really not an option.  With just about 10 days to go until the LA Marathon, I simply cannot miss a day of running from here until the race.

I remember just a few years ago how eager I was to take business trips all over the world.  And I was fortunate enough to have that opportunity many times over.  Now, I just want to stay home and maintain my training routine. Is that wrong?  Am I old now?  Is this what lame feels like?

I don't know, and I don't really care.  I've been on the road for not even three days and it feels like a week.  I want my routine back!

I love you, San Francisco, but get me out of here!  Get me home!

257 days and counting.