Lava Man

I have a little secret to share with you. In fact, you're the first to know.

Starting at the end of this month, I'm going to be writing monthly columns for Lava Magazine's website. As you may know, Lava is the official magazine of Ironman, and I'm beyond honored to become a small "official" part of the Ironman experience. My column, which will be called "Mind Games," is going to focus on the mental parts of training for an Ironman.  As I trained for my first Ironman, I found the spiritual, mental and emotional journey to be far more powerful (and useful) than any physical gains made from my training regimen. "Mind Games" will be devoted to exploring the many issues we all face as triathletes and looking to pros, sports psychologists -- and each other -- for answers and support.

I hope you'll continue to read my blog, and if you're so inclined, to join me at Lava Magazine's website for a monthly visit as well.

And if you have any ideas for columns I should consider, I'm totally open to hearing them!


In other news, I can summarize my day in the following manner, which could encapsulate my lifestyle the past few weeks:

-- Spun on the bike trainer (45 minutes)

-- Iced my legs

-- Ate all day (mostly decent food)

-- Fit in a full day of work

-- Downed a massive burger for dinner with a pint of beer

-- Lying on couch blogging and watching Lakers game

I do not feel like an Ironman, and I'm beginning to wonder if I no longer look like one either. I've gained six pounds now since November 21, with no slowdowns of that trend in sight.  I feel like a bear that's stuffing himself to build up fat for a long hibernation period.  I can't stop eating!

195 days and counting.