London Towne

There's a half marathon a week from today on my calendar and I haven't worked out since Friday.  I'm in London, where it's bitter cold, and I'm eating yummy but unhealthy curry. Bollocks!

In good news, I'm adjusted to the time change rather well.  I slept five hours on the plane last night, arrived at the hotel and promptly wrote my next Lava Magazine Online column on deadline.  No sign of illness yet either -- I'm quite prone to sinus infections after long flights.

Now, I'm wiped.  Tomorrow, I plan to work out no matter what.  Hopefully a run, swim and possibly even a light bike at a local gym.  Tourism?  That's for chumps.  I'm in training.  No gym bag though?  That's gonna be tough. Still need to figure out that part.

One thing worth noting before I call it an early late night.  I've noticed that fixie bikes are quite the rage here.  I've seen a few bike shops dedicated to selling them and scores of kids riding them.  Thought it was interesting to see.  Cycling culture is alive and well across the pond.  Perhaps photos tomorrow.

OK, I'll try to check in over the next couple days.  Wish I was training more!

142 days and counting.