Love Fest

Today is all about love. Valentine's Day. It's where we show our partners how much they mean to us. As triathletes, that should elevate V-Day to an A-level race status. In other words, it's everything. They make our morning meals -- sometimes with little inspirational notes. They buy our groceries -- only the healthy ones. They defend our "habits" to friends and family who might not get it. They put up with our irritability before races, and race day itself. The waiting. And waiting. While waiting some more.

Such patience! Such understanding!

Such love.

I am convinced we're close to nothing without the support of our partners. I hope all of you did something special for your significant other today. And if you're on your own during this time, I hope you treated yourself to something special. We work hard for this lifestyle and to attain the results we desire. It takes discipline. But without some perspective -- we're doing this because we love ourselves on some level -- the hard work can be for naught. So go on, appreciate your badass self! You deserve it!

There's more than enough love to go around for everyone. Find someone who helps you be your best -- regardless in what way -- and thank them. Tell them how much they mean to you. You'll feel great when you do.

127 days and counting.