Magazine Writin'

Tonight's regularly scheduled blog will not be seen, though the results of not blogging tonight will be see soon enough. I just knocked out 700 words for the Lava (triathlon) magazine website piece I'm writing.  After some fact-checking, I'll be submitting it to the editor tomorrow.

Magazine writing and blogging different in that the former requires a little more emotional distance than the latter.  However, given the subject matter (can blogs aid a triathlete's performance?), I think I was able to combine the intimacy of blogging with the journalistic integrity that comes with quoting other people.

Ultimately, you'll be the judge!

Now, it's off to Simi Valley, where we need to pick up a back-up mobile that I'll be driving until Steph's car is fixed.  Joy.  I've got 17.5 hours of training this week, with two days of cycling back-to-back.  Not sure how I'm going to do that just yet.  Perhaps it's back to Balboa Park and braving the morning rush hour traffic gauntlet.  That's like cycling Frogger.

Gotta jet.

83 days and counting.