No Pain!

Two months to the day of Ironman Arizona, I enjoyed my first truly pain-free run. Hallelujah.


This wasn't any run either.  For those of you who live near Sherman Oaks, I climbed Woodcliff St. all the way to Mulholland Drive.  And ran back down, a beating on the quads.

Did I mention it was pain-free?

The best part? I re-discovered a near eight-minute mile, clocking an 8:20 with my new running form and what felt like minimal effort. Glutes were firing.  Legs were kicking. Forefoot was striking.


Here's my Garmin run data below.  I know it's not that impressive from a distance or speed perspective, but the progress alone was the best Friday gift I could get.

To top it off, I made it out of work early enough to attend the Black Dog Yoga deep stretch class tonight.  This opened my hips up wide, along with my smile as many of my Fortius teammates joined in the fun.  Some of whom I haven't seen in weeks.

Now I'm going to take Steph out to dinner.

In short, this weekend is starting off just right.

151 days and counting.