Noise Pollution

I'm at a wedding in Riverside, California, staying at the Mission Inn Hotel.  I trained for nearly four hours today, split almost evenly between swim, bike and run. Now though, the bass pounds from outside my hotel room, and I'm trying to sleep so I can do my back-to-back brick tomorrow.  People are out partying tonight.  Probably from this very wedding party and yet I'm in the hotel room, trying to get enough rest so I remain healthy and fit for the next two weeks.

This is as challenging as any triathlon.  Staying disciplined in the face of bacchanalian revelry.  I feel like a dick to Steph for not wanting to go out and party.  But fortunately, she's the maid of honor and staying with the bride-to-be tonight.  And thankfully, she understands anyway.  Two weeks to go, and I'm just trying to hold it all together for just a bit longer.  To be fair, it is 11:30 p.m. and we stayed out having lots of fun until then.

But as the bass undulates right outside my window, my patience wanes.  Sometimes, June 26 can't get here soon enough.

Two more weeks.  Hang in there.

16 days and counting.