Not Much to Report

No training today, but I ate like it anyway.  Seriously, I ate nine times today!  Oatmeal, fruit, tacos, Balance bar, chicken marsala, wheat pasta, veggies, frozen yogurt, pretty much no food was safe around me. I really don't have much today, to be honest.  Stephanie and I just returned from Shabbat services after picking up my re-tailored suit.  I bought the suit three years ago but my body type has changed so much it needed to be completely re-cut.  I never thought I was "fat" but I've dropped four waist sizes in three years.  Wow.

I'm super tired.  Probably all that consumed food.  But I am looking forward to my brick tomorrow with Richard, Ann, Megan and some other folks.  I'm bringing the tri bike out for a spin, my first time on a fairly hilly ride.  I'll be forced to wear my aero helmet as I'm loaning my regular one to a friend of Megan's.  I'm going to look like a complete idiot climbing hills in an aero helmet, but whatcha gonna do, right?

More tomorrow after the brick.  Until then, good night!

159 days and counting.