Runnin Runnin Runnin

Technically, my workout started today at 6 a.m. and continued through 8:40 a.m., when I wrapped up a treadmill run in our office complex gym. But it feels like I haven't gotten off that darned machine all day!

I'm currently at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas, waiting to return home.  I left five hours ago, or less than two hours after my workout.  My body isn't sweaty, but the brain is soaked.  Of course, I loved the challenge of it all -- could I stay motivated and engaged essentially for 12-hours straight even after burning 1,200-1,500 calories?  Forgetting all that for a moment, I'm more proud of having the discipline to finish both workouts before my trip than the successful meetings that occurred in Sin City.  It would have been so easy to sleep in this morning, rationalizing that I needed to be 100% focused on work.

Or, I could take the more challenging path and do everything -- without compromises.

My choice was rewarded in the pool.  At the end of our Fortius-coached session, we swam a 100 for time.

Last time we did this, I clocked in at 1:37, a personal best.  That was so last week.

Today, I shaved five seconds of that time.  And I know I can go faster!

Clearly, I've made a breakthrough here.  I can tell I'm gliding through the water more effortlessly.  My downstroke underwater is generating more power, while my arms are more relaxed on the upstroke.  My abs are more engaged when I rotate between strokes, and I'm using my lats more to pull more water back.  If I can continue working on my follow-through, I'll shave even more time.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited by swimming now.  I've shown the most improvement in this area and is the most obvious indicator of how my Fortius team training is paying off.

The only downside right now in my training is my sore right knee.  I can still run fast and strong, but I've never had knee problems before.  The tendinitis is starting to worry me.  I have a massage next week with David (@labodymechanics), a member of our Fortius team.  This will be more of a pre-race tune-up but maybe we'll be able to poke around the knee region to see what's going on.  I hope it's minor.

Flight is leaving soon, so it's time to run again.

Been nice to hit the pause button though!  However brief it has been.

216 days and counting.