So Close...

My new website is almost ready! It was supposed to be launched today but it's still propagating across the interwebs as we speak. Can you hear it trickling about?

I'm going to give you the first sneak peek, since you few, kind souls have been hanging out with me since the first blog way back in November.
Point your browser to And welcome to my new home for the rest of the year!
Of course, the official site will be But it's still pointing to my web designer Ward's company page.
I hope to be blogging from the new location as early as tomorrow.
Let me know what you think. After all, you're my dedicated core and if you don't like the site, then I didn't do my job.
Today has been a little screwy with the schedule. I woke up early enough to fit in a 2,450-yard swim at Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center but haven't been able to rally for the bike portion of my workout. The day got away from me, plain and simple.
Now, when I have the time to squeeze a trainer session in, I'm online blogging instead. I have a bike/run brick tomorrow and I'm going to conserve energy for that. Besides, I enjoyed a massage today at work (yep, it's not called one of the Best Places to Work in America for nothing!). Why mess with my peaceful state of being by torturing myself on the trainer for an hour?
I just can't do it tonight.
I'm learning more and more that the only way to fit in my workouts is either to do them in the morning before work or at lunch. Evening workouts and I haven't found a way to get along yet.
For now, the thing that I get along with best at night is sleep, which is where I'll be heading soon.
294 days and counting.