Swimmin' and Spinnin' in the Rain

When I heard the rain rattling outside at 6:30 this morning (between Trudy and Bam-Bam running amok), I was wondering whether today's swim and ride would be cancelled.

Maybe hoping is the right word. I was warm and cozy. The thought of driving 20 minutes and jumping into a pool in the rain was up there with biking in a tornado. Thank goodness for peer pressure though. This was a Valley Coach group swim. I didn't want to be the wuss that stayed home.
I'm so glad I went.
In fact, I wish it rained more often. The water was warmer than the outside temperature, and the way the rain gently tickled my arms when they came out to stroke was actually relaxing. The tougher part was the workout itself. I lost track of how many laps we swam, but I know it was at least 1,500 yards and probably much more. We did kick drills (which I suck at), stroke drills and laps. Lots of intervals. I made all the times, but I learned after that effort was the key, not performance. I was exerting too much energy.
How applicable that statement is in my overall life.
At breakfast after the swim, I learned from Coach Gerrardo that I'm "sinking" when I swim, meaning that I'm swimming uphill, so to speak. I need to lengthen my stroke as well, and make sure my elbows are more vertical when I'm preparing to stroke. That sounds like a lot to fix! Not sure how I'm gonna do it, but I have 346 days to find out!
I also found time today for a 90-minute session on the trainer. Where I proceeded to shave off a portion of my back wheel from apparently too much contact on the trainer wheel. Will somebody please show me how to use this thing properly!? Or is this what I should expect every time? Do I need a beater wheel?
To pass the time while I spun, I watched "Downfall" on DVD, the German foreign-language masterpiece showing Hitler's final days. (It's also known now as being the source of one of the internet's great memes, when Hitler melts down after finding out he's surrounded by the Russians.) I found my pace and heart rate quickening as the tension mounted throughout the movie.
I especially enjoyed spinning with the balcony window open, watching the rain fall. I felt productive despite the weather, like I was gaining a leg up on many people who decided (sensibly enough) not to train today.
I like that feeling, for a change.
And I'll look forward to more showers in the coming days. What used to be a guaranteed day off is now a sought-after opportunity.
346 days and counting.