The scented spruce needle oils are still entering my nostrils 15 minutes after my Thai massage session ended with Christine, and I'm eagerly awaiting my next appointment. Today marked my final official workout day prior to Vineman 70.3, and to cap it off, I was to enjoy a relaxation massage to free up my tight muscles.

My muscles are not tight anymore.  They were gently tugged, posed and manipulated back to their rightful positions over the course of two hours in ways I wasn't used to.  Before your minds go racing to places they shouldn't, I was actually wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Thai massage is unlike any massage I've experienced before. It almost feels more medicinal than therapeutic.  For example, Christine released a huge energy field in my spine after several minutes of work that literally reverberated throughout my body.  The energy flow felt like the way a piano string looks -- taut and rapid.  At one point, Christine lightly closed off the blood flow in each arm to flush out toxins, producing a tingling sensation that seemed to yield an immediate relaxation sensation.

Best of all, Thai massage is not an exercise in tolerating pain the way that sports or deep tissue massages can be. It's more about body leverage and posing using the weight and balance of the massage giver.

The experience was so outstanding that Stephanie is currently in the other room enjoying the same treatment.  And I am blogging while eating sushi that she brought home as a dinner treat.

Yup, tonight is pretty darned great.  And tomorrow my taper week of Awesome continues -- a second off-day since Sunday.  Then, on Friday we make the drive up to Northern California.

It's go-time.

129 days and counting.