The Last Date

Stephanie and I had our last date tonight. As weird as it may seems, it's true to a degree.  After this evening's date at the Hollywood Bowl, never again will I pick Steph up from a home other than our own.  I met her at her now former apartment near Park LaBrea early this evening. It didn't really hit me until on our way dodging traffic to the jazz concert, when Steph started to reminisce about all the dates we had had over the years that started just like this. And how that sense of excitement when she opens the door to greet me after primping to get ready will never be quite the same.  Of course, now we're roommates for life.  Which we're totally excited about!  But it's interesting to briefly pause and reflect on one period of our lives formally ending -- the "single dating period" years -- while another starts.

Steph and I both understand that you never stop dating your partner.  For the moment that occurs, the relationship really falters.  But that sense of two lives lived separately in two places is now in the rear-view mirror once and for all.  Tonight really marked the official tipping point of two lives becoming one.  An engagement ring is a symbol.  Closing the door of an empty apartment and opening the door of a now overflowing one is real. And very special.

Our last date rocked.  I can't wait for the next one.

115 days and counting.