The Little Things

A lot happened today. First day back at work in two-plus weeks. A new employee on my team started his first day. Frank showed up in a sling from the New Year's Eve refrigerator-moving debacle. Fit two workouts in (swim and weights). Busy, busy, busy.

But the best thing to happen was hearing that a friend I've known since high school, Dustin, is signing up for his first triathlon this year. And it's partially because of what I've been doing the past few years in the sport.
It may seem like a little thing to some people, but for me, the idea that maybe what I'm doing is inspiring someone else to dream big and act upon it...that's huge. It's flattering. It's exciting.
It's just what I needed.
I'm not feeling that inspirational these days, so knowing that perhaps I've had a positive effect on someone else's life right now is invigorating.
Dustin is going to do the Breath of Life sprint triathlon in Ventura this June. I will be there, either participating or cheering him on. I'm so excited for Dustin and the journey he is about to go on. I hope he gets out of triathlon training what I've been fortunate enough to experience for myself. I will definitely be supportive every step of the way.
It may be selfish to say, but Dustin's first triathlon may be as meaningful for me as it will be for him.
Hey, maybe we can get some other first-timers out there in Ventura this June?
Spread the word. And sign up:
324 days and counting.