Thursday Night, the New Saturday Night

As you can tell, I take my Ironman training pretty seriously (some would say too seriously). That typically translates to mornings and lunchtimes booked for workouts, with evenings often ending a little early so I have enough energy to renew the cycle the next morning.

Today was no different, as I was on the trainer for an hour and in the gym for half an hour. The workouts were OK. I put in the time and effort but probably could have gone a bit harder on the bike to raise the heart-rate higher.
Through this entire experience though, I'm learning I need one night, at least one night, where I can go out and unwind with a friend or two and not worry about missing a workout the next day.
That night seems to occur every Thursday, since I don't train on Fridays. Tonight was no exception.
Fortunately, I had some added cause to celebrate. I learned today that I earned a pay raise at work, which I wanted to celebrate and savor a little. Of course, since my ex-girlfriend is no longer in the picture, I wasn't sure how to celebrate or with whom. So I took myself out to dinner at my favorite Indian food restaurant, Salomi in North Hollywood (Chicken Makhani 4tw!). It was delicious as usual. From there, I met a career mentor of mine, Joe, for drinks at a club in downtown LA. The drinks were superb and the lengthy conversation was better.
It was just what I needed. A night out. An escape. Something besides the normal routine. Laughter. Reminiscing. And even some inspiration.
It's funny what even just a couple drinks and a leisurely evening out can do for my mental outlook on training. I am excited for my day off from training tomorrow, but am now looking forward to Saturday's long bike ride and swim brick whereas I couldn't say that at the beginning of the day. Even though some might argue that a few drinks might take the edge off, I find that it sharpens my resolve to refocus and re-commit to my training.
But for now, as I type from my bed, the drinks make me sleepy. Which is also an added benefit during this transition period in my life.
Good night, world.
314 days and counting.