Time Flies...

Some days there's just not a lot to write about.  Can't have an epiphany all the time, right? That's why epiphanies are special.  The daily ritual tedium is the rule, not the exception.  When we have a breakthrough, it's all the more significant.  Today was just one of those put-in-the-time ordeals.  Compounded by the Fortius-coached track workout being cancelled.  So, there I was, a solo runner on the Harvard-Westlake High School track.  Surrounded by the girls field hockey team.  Which, I'm sorry to say, looks like such a boring sport!  Seriously, let's chase after a ball with a stick with a bunch of kids who are afraid of said ball and afraid of hurting themselves or others.  Very compelling.

I digress.

The workout was fairly blase.  Warm-up mile, four strides, five 800s with 400 recoveries.  I was supposed to do a mile at a 6:00 pace but tragically ran out of time.  My 800 times were fairly decent, highlighted by steadily decreasing from 3:45 down to 3:20 on the last set.

My reward was a pool workout at 7:30 p.m.  I felt like molasses in the water tonight.  Definitely sluggish.  But I got through it.  Sometimes that's all you can do.  Get through it.

My reward for that will be another workout tomorrow -- on my typical day off.  However, a trip to the symphony on Sunday afternoon negates my ability to complete both an ocean swim and the scheduled two-hour run.  So you will find me at Tower 26 in Santa Monica at 7 a.m. with Coach Gerardo.

On the plus side, it makes my week fly by!

Time flies when your day is filled with tris.  My new mantra!

93 days and counting.