50 Posts...What I've Learned Since Day 1

Wow, I just noticed I've made 50 blog posts.

Thinking back, I've learned a lot in a pretty short amount of time. In fact, in the spirit of all the recent late night talk show drama, here's my Top 10 Things I've Learned About Ironman Training So Far:
10) Pack your car key securely in your runner's belt. Or, it may fall out. Like it did today.
9) Keep a spare car key in your glove compartment. Like I didn't today.
8) Slower eventually equals faster. I can especially see improvement on the bike hill climbs.
7) Kiss Saturdays goodbye. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. equals training.
6) A 9-hour training week (like what I have this week) is now considered easy!
5) Chlorine is not the latest Calvin Klein cologne. It just seems that way.
4) Swimming in the rain is delightful. Running, on the other hand, is not. Cycling is just plain crazy.
3) Triathlon training is expensive. Golf has nothing on this sport!
2) Training with a group like Fortius makes the hours pass quickly.
1) The long hours and sacrifice are totally worth it... I'm an Ironman addict!
Set a new personal best today with an approximate 14-mile run (no footpod to confirm though). The Fortius group ran all up and around Griffith Park just hours before the rain hit the Southland. Prior to meeting up with the group, I went on a 30-minute warmup jog and felt tight after yesterday's brick (go figure). Fortunately, teammate David is a sports massage therapist who runs his own practice. He offered to work on my IT bands for a few minutes and it made a huge difference for the remaining two hours, 15 minutes. If you're looking for a good sports massage, I suggest you give David a try. I will again soon.
The run ended uneventfully, until I realized that somewhere along the trail my car key popped out of my running belt holder. Total fail. Fortunately, Coach Gerardo dropped me off at home after breakfast and my buddy TJ brought me back to the car with my spare key. All's well that ends well.
I was then able to drop off some used shoes at Sports Chalet in support of its Soles 4 Souls effort for Haiti earthquake relief. Sports Chalet is accepting used shoe donations through tomorrow, so hurry over there if you have some extra footwear and want to make a difference.
That's it for now. Layin' low and stayin' dry for the rest of the night.
311 days and counting.