Fitting it All In

I don't know how my married friends do it. How do you find the time to juggle your family and personal lives, along with the lives of your kids?  I got a small taste of it today and am even more in awe of  my Fortius teammates who balance it all almost effortlessly -- while still completing multiple triathlons and Ironman events!

Besides train in the morning with several Fortius teammates including Richard and Ray (both pictured separately), this afternoon was consumed by shopping for furniture with Stephanie and begin discussion about the wedding list.  I'll admit that my head is spinning a bit just from that.  And not because it was an unpleasant experience -- quite the opposite.  I actually really enjoyed it, but not for reasons you might think.  Aside from planning a vacation together and choosing to marry each other, making furniture purchases represents the first major joint financial decision in our relationship.  The process went very smoothly, even though we discovered that our tastes in style and decor may be different (no, I don't think dogs playing poker should be our mantel piece!).  I was very pleased how we communicated and deliberated.  Ultimately, we didn't buy anything today, but I'm confident we set the foundation for making good choices we both can be happy with when the time comes.

Anyways, I'm sitting here at the end of a long day -- after swimming a mile, running for 10, visiting nearly a half-dozen furniture stores and analyzing our first pass at the wedding list -- wondering how in the hell people with kids find the time to be an Ironman.  How do you orchestrate having a life while managing the lives of others?  I'm thinking all this knowing that Stephanie and I really didn't do anything today in the grand scheme of things yet it's 10 p.m. and time for bed.

Where did all the time go? Today felt like a blur.  Thank goodness for this blog to remind me one day!

Will there be more hours in the day when we have a family to fit everything in?

I know it seems like I'm stressed out.  Honestly, I'm not.  I'm simply aware how good I have it right now, knowing how pressed for time I may be down the line if I continue to train for triathlons and perhaps more Ironman events.  Something's gotta give eventually, and I think I know what it will be.

Sorry, kids!

(Steph, that was a joke...)

200 days and counting.