Monday Blah

Short post tonight.  We've got company over and now Steph and her girlfriend are watching The Bachelor.  I have a few minutes to jot down some thoughts. Remember the other day when I said I enjoyed biting off more than I can chew?

That caught up with me today.

Long day of work.  Long hour of isolated leg training exercises on the stationary bike, and a lifting session at lunch.

Monday feels like Friday.  And to top matters off, I've got a meeting set up with Coach Gerardo  (at his suggestion) where we're going to revisit my training goals and workout priorities.  Apparently my last few blog posts have set off an alarm. I guess I understand why.  I know I'm overcompensating for my long recovery period by trying to get back into shape that much faster.  But I know it doesn't work that way.  Still, like always, I want it all now even though I know patience rules the day.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemies.  Heck, maybe not just sometimes, but perhaps more often than not.  Lately, maybe I've been just that.  I know I'm my own worst critic, that's for sure.

I've got a 6 a.m. swim tomorrow followed by a trail run.  Not much time to dwell on anything but putting today behind me and moving on to the next.

155 days and counting.