The First Workout is the Hardest...

A writer who's afraid to write ain't worth much. I've written blog posts for three months, except the only problem was that I my brain doesn't have a "tele-publish" button that sends my thoughts straight to this site.

In some ways, it's like training.  You stop working out for a couple days, and next thing you know it's been a weekend.  Then, it's a week without packing a swim bag, and from there...who knows.  The hardest workout is the first one.

So here I am, back in front of the keyboard at home. Finally.  As I told a friend recently, just because we didn't talk much doesn't mean I didn't have anything to say.

And let me tell you, I have a lot to say.  I just returned from a weekend scouting the Ironman Lake Tahoe course, since I signed up for Ironman No. 4 next September.  It also looks like Ironman No 5 lurks two months after that -- a return visit to Tempe Town Lake and a bit of revenge on my mind.

It has been the most productive and successful triathlon season yet.  I've learned so much about myself as a racer and as a person.  Things that I hope to pour back into this blog, day by day, a little bit at a time once again. I'm going to try and blog as often as I can in anticipation of IM Lake Tahoe.  The countdown is back.  I figure that there are people whom I can help that are training for their first Ironman, and that gives me great joy.

Training to get faster is no longer enough.  I want more.

I have no right to ask anyone to follow me on Twitter or join me in another journey.  It's hard to do that knowing I was such a flake this year with the blog.  But, maybe word will spread from the Lava Magazine writing and slowly but surely people will return.

I will do my best not to disappoint.

I don't know why I stared blankly in the shower, afraid to write, riddled with guilt.

The first blog, or the first workout, is only the hardest because it holds our brains captive.

Typing on the keyboard feels good.

Next up: A season recap and a sprucing up of the blog site. More to come.